What Parents Need to Know About Homeschooling

Why You Should Homeschool

There are 3 main reasons why more Muslim parents should consider homeschooling.

Public Schools Are Un-islamic

Public schools in the Western world do not conform with the teachings of Islam. Our children are not only taught a secular world view, but are also surrounded by negative influence and peer pressure.

Mass Schooling is Flawed

The factory-model of education is a flawed, rudimentary and outdated approach that is unnecessarily extending the duration of study while simultaneously hindering creativity.

Guide Your Child's Education

Being at the driver's seat will allow you to recognize your child's interests, strengths and weaknesses year-in and year-out, creating a unique experience and guiding them to an appropriate career path.


Learn about the regulations

Home education is legal in all Canadian provinces. Although the detailed regulation differ slightly from province to province:

Home education is also legal in the United Kingdom.

As for Australia, the private organization HEA provides guidance and links to official policies in all Australian states.


What about higher education?

In Canada, most universities do not require a high school diploma to get into. If your child is homeschooled they will need to prove that they’ve covered what a regular high school student would have, such as through standardized tests like the SATs. Furthermore, some universities require transcripts to be made from the parents of each year and other such requirements.

Each parent should contact various universities they would hope their children to attend and ask for their specific requirements for admission of homeschooled children. All information can be found here for Canadian universities.


The socialization myth

Contrary to the common belief, true socialization does not occur in the confines of a classroom, where students are segregated into age groups, confined to desks, and required to complete worksheets or answer questions in a limited manner.  Authentic socialization happens through interaction with the natural environment, rather than in artificially constructed settings. We cover this in more detail in a blog post.

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