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Empowering Muslim Homeschoolers

At-Tabari Academy is a dedicated online resource hub for Muslim families engaged in homeschooling. We are passionate about providing comprehensive educational support to empower Muslim parents in nurturing their children’s intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth.

About us

Our Vision

At At-Tabari Academy, we are cultivating a new generation of accomplished Muslim individuals to better our community.

They will excel academically, embody their Islamic identity, and contribute positively to society. Our aim is to weave Islamic teachings into the fabric of the homeschooling experience, crafting a rich and inclusive educational environment.

What We Provide

Trusted Guidance

We navigate the unique challenges faced by Muslim homeschooling families, offering reliable assistance throughout your educational journey.

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Lesson plans

We promote a well-rounded education for Muslim homeschoolers by integrating Islamic values into all subject areas, fostering character development, critical thinking, and in-depth understanding of core subjects.

Community Connection

At-Tabari Academy acts as a lively online hub where we foster a sense of belonging, providing opportunities for collaborative learning, and networking through group chats, webinars, and events.

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Interactive Resources

We provide a vast selection of engaging and interactive resources designed to make learning enjoyable, meaningful, and aligned with Islamic principles and values.

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Why We Started at-Tabari Academy

At-Tabari Academy, named after the renowned polymath scholar Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, is a dedicated online resource hub for Muslim families engaged in homeschooling. Started by a team of concerned fathers wanting to collaborate in providing the best education and upbringing for their children and lay out the steps for the community. Our values are:


We seek to adhere to the authentic teachings of Islam to guide our curriculum.


Ihsan (excellence) is at the heart of all the work we do for parents and students.


Equip parents with the roadmap to care for the child's educational needs.


No one succeeds on their own. We believe in the power of supporting one another.

What parents say
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"I am a big fan of what at-Tabari Academy is doing for the Muslim community. As a parent of a young girl, I am grateful for the resources they provide on their website.
Father from Ottawa

Where to Start

Acquire knowledge about homeschooling regulations, debunk prevalent myths, and explore our resources.